Mail Art Call

Oldschool Mail Art invitation to our project


about/against the plagues of 21 century such as Censorship, Dictators, Digitalisation, Fascism, Gentrification, Globalisation, Neoliberalism, New Poverty, Racism, Refugee Crisis, Terrorism, etc.

All techniques/ only format: Postcard, A6, (10 x 15cm)

Send without envelope to: Brandstifter, Kaiserstrasse 43, 55116 Mainz, Germany

Please write your name, title and email on the back. No „cheap“ b/w fotocopies accepted. All contributions who stick to the theme will be part of our interdisciplinary THE POST INDUSTRIAL WAR festival and presented in an exhibition from June 9 till September 2018 at our non profit art space Walpodenakademie in Mainz.

Deadline: May 30th.

No jury, no return! Online doc on