Devid Ciampalini & Cristiano Carosi

live sets of improvised electronic sounds with synthesizers and tapes Einlass: 19:30 Uhr
Beginn: 20 Uhr

DEVID CIAMPALINI opens a dialogue between the natural elements and the analogue equipment used to process and reveal what was captured during the recording sessions. The electronic bleep blops of these strange and lively compositions have something that recalls the flowering of mushrooms, the bright green of the moss sprouting on the stones, the smells of the undergrowth, the movements of all the microfauna. Devid seems to be looking for something secret and hidden in the sounds he plays with. Surrounded by tape recorders, old synthesizers and strange effects, Devid moves like a medium at the center of his experience, filtering and mixing, and then redistributing sound bubbles in an attempt to merge natural and electronic phenomena into new elements.
Recording devices offer a possibility for spiritual communication and seek to connect us to this different plane of reality. The sound, after passing from a reel-to-reel tape recorder and after being randomly cut and pasted, fully reveals itself to the ear as an ecologically sparkling sound system.
For more than a decade he has collaborated with a myriad of projects, releasing music all over the world and playing live across Europe.

CRISTIANO CAROSI Human being(…), musician, listener of acoustic events and inner landscapes, human-animal-object’s languages.He gives particular attention to the field of sound events in the context of the human language and sound as vector of unexplainable meanings. He records and samples, reassembles and combines sound into momentary languages, nomad spaces improvising with tape loops made out of field recordings, found sounds and recorded fragmented melodies and live synthesizers. We also collaborates in contexts of improvised music andd has collaborated with: Angelo Bignamini, Devid Ciampalini Melting Mind, Virginia Genta, David Vanzan, Marco Olivieri, Fabrizio Spera, Steve Baczkowski. He runs his tape label Robba releasing his solo works and collaborations and has released music for Upside Down Recordings, Troglosound, Robba, Nausea and Swollen Avantgarde.———————————————-